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Our Team - Donny & Ilesha

Donny and
iLesha DePasquale

Donny and iLesha Have been married for 24 years and love working together and love having their children work with them too.

Donny has been running the business since 2003 and has a hand in a little bit of everything that goes on around the shop. He sandblasts, does concrete work, delivers and installs headstones and lays out the designs for sandblasting.
Donny works hard to make sure all of the families are happy.
iLesha is the lead designer and works one on one with families to make sure their memorials are custom, unique and exactly what they want.
They both enjoy what they do and find it an honor in helping create something so personal and meaningful.

Ned Murphy

Salt Lake City Sales Manager/ Lead Designer
Ned is iLesha’s “little” brother. He runs our Murray office and is the lead designer there, he works with families one on one to help them design a one of a kind memorial their loved ones deserve. Ned has a kind heart and has compassion for everyone he works with, he’s a hard worker and an all around nice, trustworthy guy.
Our Team - Ned
Our Team - Sharon

Sharon Rosander

Sharon is the mom or grandma to all of us here at Utah Headstone Design. She has been involved with the company since the start over 22 years ago. Sharon has helped mold it into what it is today. 

Mike Valencia

Get’s stones ready to sandblast
Mike has been working for Utah Headstone Design for over 13 years, he carefully lays out each design to make sure it is perfect. Mike is committed to his work and is always willing to help everyone without complaining. 
Our Team - Mike
Our Team - Taylor

Taylor DePasquale Leonard

Office manager/ Designer
Taylor is Donny and iLesha’s oldest child, she is the office manager and a designer, she works one on one with families to make sure their memorials are custom, unique and exactly what they want. Taylor always bring a sense of humor with her to work and makes everyone smile.

Lindy Brown


Lindy works with cutomers one on one to make sure their memorials are custom, unique and exactly what they want. Lindy is a hard worker, she is always the first one here and last to leave. Lindy and Taylor have been best friends since Jr. High, Lindy is like family and we love working with her and having her on our team.

Our Team - Lindy
Our Team - Zach

Zack Hendry

Manager/ Installs/ Production
Zack is a hard worker, he does most of our deliveries and installs, he is good at communicating with families about when their stone is finished and letting them  know when it’s been installed. Zack is a perfectionist and takes pride in every stone he installs. He also has a hand in helping sandblast, doing concrete work, and helps keep the shop clean and organized. 

Brandon Wall

Shop Manager
 Brandon is a hard worker, he has a hand in every stone that is produced here. Brandon does concrete, cleans and paints the stones, helps to keep the yard organized, and is always willing to help with any job! Brandon loves to prank everyone and is good at it.
Our Team - Brandon

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