Bronze Markers
That Tell A Story

Bronze Markers

Bronze Markers and plaques are a great addition to any Flat Marker, Slant Memorial, or Upright Monument. The granite color you choose it simply the ultimate frame and border of your mounted bronze. 

Unlike all other monument styles, the main difference to bronze is this: all of the similar memorial adornments and engravings are polished and raised instead of engraved. The contrast comes in the form of the hammered or milled darker background. Thus allowing the brilliant polished letters to shine. 

The bronze is cast as a single piece with the ability to add further reaching dates with mountable bronze tabs. As you can see with with our featured flat bronze marker, those bronze tabs are utilized to allow for both partners of the marriage to be memorialized together. 

Such great craftsmanship takes a master foundry and personal designer to review every option we have in mounted bronze markers. Get in contact today. 

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Engraving Your Story To Last A lifetime.

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